TerraCOH Delivers Well-Received Investor Pitch at the
June 2017 Clean Innovation Investor Forum and Carbon XPRIZE Summit


June 13, 2017

NEW YORK / BOSTON / MINNEAPOLIS / ONTARIO – TerraCOH delivered a well-received investor presentation at the June 2017 Clean Innovation Investor Forum and Carbon XPRIZE Summit. TerraCOH is a Round Two Semi-finalist in the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE competition; http://carbon.xprize.org/, a $US 20 million global competition challenging teams to develop breakthrough technologies that convert the most carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas and power plant facilities into products with the highest net value.

During this presentation, John Griffin, the CEO of TerraCOH, described his company’s technology as the TerraCOH Earth Battery™ Solution. Energy is stored as heat and pressure in the deep subsurface using CO2 and brine. TerraCOH can permanently, safely, and profitably store vast quantities of CO2 in the earth by harvesting various energy or heat sources, which can help increase the amount of intermittent renewable energy – i.e. wind and solar – that can be put on the power grid. And this process can be executed at the lowest levelized cost of storage of any technology as reported by the Energy Information Association.

TerraCOH’s market acceleration is being driven with the support of its strategic partners; Enviro Ambient, Enviro Innovate, and a blue-chip group of organizations and individuals dedicated to inspiring transformation, enabling new markets, and advancing solutions to some of our world’s grandest challenges.

About TerraCOH, Inc.

TerraCOH, Inc. is a renewable energy company based in Minneapolis, MN. Spun out of the University of Minnesota in 2014, TerraCOH’s mission is to deliver its CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG™) technology to provide emission-free, baseload (24/7) electricity and grid-scale energy storage, at the lowest cost of all alternatives, while storing CO2 permanently underground and in power systems. For more information, visit: www.terracoh-age.com.

About Enviro Ambient

Enviro Ambient develops and commercializes clean energy solutions for manufacturers and power generators that use fossil fuels to generate energy to produce electricity, cement, aluminum, steel, oil and other industrial goods. As our suite of clean technologies increases, there will be expanded focus on solutions targeted toward recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, advanced materials, green chemistry, and water solutions. This also includes energy efficiency and production technologies that result in lower GHG emissions. Enviro Ambient and its collaboration team, are marvelous partners of government, utilities, and energy consumers, and our advancements are vitally important in defense of this continent’s energy supply, energy security, energy sustainability and grid integrity. For more information, visit www.enviroambient.com.

About Enviro Innovate

Enviro Innovate has formed a cleantech accelerator that is attracting startups and established enterprises looking to commercialize or acquire innovative technologies. Enviro Innovate, in collaboration with Queen’s University, Air Liquide, Carbonomics, E. I. DuPont Canada Company, Foley Hoag, Kingston Process Metallurgy, McAllister & Quinn, WorleyParsons, and the City of Kingston, is able to draw on the experience and expertise of a multitude of relationships and resources to assist early-stage companies to commercialize next–generation, globally–applicable, cleantech products. We focus on a range of clean–tech solutions including: recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, advanced materials, green chemistry, and water solutions. As importantly, this focus also includes energy efficiency and production technology that results in lower GHG emissions. Initially conceived in 2013, this collaborative partnership with our partners in this innovation ecosystem is impactful and unprecedented. For more information, visit www.enviroinnovate.com.


John Tarvardian
Tandem / Enviro Ambient / Enviro Innovate



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