Tyler Bohan - Project Development


Tyler Bohan, Project Development - Tyler brings to the TERRACOH team 14 years of diverse technical and supervisory experience in Oil & Gas operations, facilities engineering, maintenance management, and project developments. Spending his career to date with a leading oil & gas energy company, Tyler has worked in North Dakota, West Africa, and the Gulf Of Mexico. He specializes in facility performance, regulatory compliance, safety, equipment surveillance, reliability centered maintenance, risk management, communicating threats, closing performance gaps, managing OPEX budgets, implementing lean and cost saving activities, integrity assurance processes, and ensuring workforces are following industry leading safe work practices, policies, and procedures. He looks forward to the transition to clean energy and will ensure the TERRACOH projects deliver high performance in the areas of safe, compliant, reliable, and cost-effective energy operation. Tyler holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of North Dakota.

Tyler Says...

"TERRACOH’s technology and partnerships will bridge fossil fuels to the clean green energy future. I could not be more excited to be walking that bridge with this team."

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