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TERRACOH is introducing into the market its proprietary Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Plume Geothermal - CPG™ technology, which is the first to use carbon dioxide as its geologic working fluid. TERRACOH’s systems enable dispatchable, scalable, baseloaded and negative emission power production – as well as high efficiency, affordable, small to grid-scale energy storage with our Earth Battery® technology– and are particularly well-suited to transition/leverage the oil and gas workforce to a renewable future.

Carbon-Free Energy

Expanding the Global use of Geothermal Energy

The Power of Fossil Fuel without the problems

Delivering Low-Cost, Emission-Free, Baseload (24/7), Dispatchable Electricity and Grid-Level Energy Storage


Store vast quantities of CO2 permanently and safetly underground  



For Renewables to make a difference, they will need a kicker   


ppm - Daily Global CO2 Emissions


Billion Metric Tonnes
Global Emissions Annually


Billion Metric Tonnes
US Emissions Annually


Global CCUS Projects Scheduled


From Power Production to Grid-Scale Energy Storage to traditional CCUS and all that goes with it


TERRACOH's propritary technologies expand current geologic oppurtunities of geothermal potential while simultaneously sequestering millions of tonnes of CO2 safely belowground.   

Earth Battery®

Building off of our patented technologies we strengthen Wind & Solar with Grid-Scale Energy Storage. Turning Wind & Solar from intermittent to dispatchable, baseload power.     


The capture of CO2 from industrial processes, to use as a resource to create a valuable commodity & permanently storage deep underground in geological formations.  

Reservoir Management

Knowing how to manage and monitor a reservoir is no simple task, & one that will be essential to a sucessful project. Let TERRACOH take that worry off of your shoulders.  

qualifying for Tax Credits

Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS), the FUTURE Act (45Q), Investment Tax Credits (ITC), Production Tax Credits (PTC) -
Are you getting everything you qualify for?

Patent Protected

TERRACOH's broad IP Portfolio grants exclusive rights to the use of “non-water based working fluids” (e.g. CO2 & other fluids) belowground for the generation of power & energy storage.   


Management Team and Board of Directors

John Griffin

Chairman of the Board

Larry Chorn, PhD 


Steven Price

Program Manager  

Phil Pogge

Finance and Business Development  

John Dolan

Legal Affairs and General Counsel 

Steve O'Rourke


Morrie Sandler


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